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I’m nikita.

I am passionate about how the activities you do, the foods you eat, the people you surround yourself with, and the space you inhabit not only reflect who you are but guide your wellness journey.

My journey with holistic wellness started when I was about 6 years old. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and my mom chose a holistically-centered route for treatment. This was my first experience eating dairy- and gluten-free. Three years later, when my Lyme disease went dormant, we adopted more of a typical American diet until I was in high school. In high school, I ran track and cross country very seriously and I gave up dairy because it upset my stomach. I also started exploring the idea of veganism and how it had helped athletes. It wasn’t until I was in college that I fully converted to veganism.

I tried raw veganism for 2 years which was extremely challenging because that meant no cooked food at all: not even beans! Toward the end of my first 2 years as a raw vegan, I was backpacking around Europe for 6 weeks only eating carrots, oranges, apples, and maybe some raw nuts, and I decided that raw veganism wasn’t the right path for me any longer! Since then I have been a regular vegan exploring the power of plants in your diet.

I also fell in love with holistic wellness and alternative medicine. I still love researching veganism and other holistic things, and if I am facing a challenge, I always look for the holistic answer first. I thoroughly enjoy exploring mom and pop health food stores and holistic shops; it makes me so happy that there are more and more people that are open to and aware of their health and holistic living! I really believe that your body is a temple, therefore we should treat it accordingly.

While I really believe in treating your body like a temple, and I continue to be interested in holistic wellness, I also find peace in pilates, traveling, interior design, and helping others. I believe in taking care of yourself, listening to what your mind and body tell you, and giving yourself the chance to live up to your fullest potential.

I live with an abundance of authenticity and joy and I’m fulfilled by inspiring others to do the same. I believe in living my life with an abundance mentality, meaning that you live your life believing there is abundance of everything good, and that good things will come to you. I also think that living every day with gratitude is super important. I strongly believe that when you show gratitude, and live your life radiating gratitude, it will return back to you.

I want to inspire others to stay true to themselves, do what feels right, and experience personal growth. I feel like a lot of people are just doing what they have been taught their whole lives. I’ve been there too, but I found a way to wake up, look past the haze, and see clearly what was right for me. My hope is that I can provide inspirational content that will help others break free from judgment and external expectations, so that they can be their truest, healthiest selves.

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