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What are little wisdoms? They are your own mantras, life lessons, beliefs that get you through life. And because everyone’s life is unique, chances are we all have our own unique set of little wisdoms to share. Here are mine…


I believe everything is in abundance; you just have to manifest it into your life. “It” can be anything, you just have to believe to your core that it is out there for you and will happen for you. At its root it’s another way of positive thinking. To me, abundance is more than that, it’s a belief system. When you believe that everything you want in life will happen to you, you will begin to see it happening to you. It may take time, and I can almost guarantee you will learn lessons along the way but you have to start with believing in abundance.

Took this photo at an art installation in London… when I looked at these I could feel the abundance!


Gratitude is simply being thankful for what you have. Take a moment and think of some things you are grateful for. Now imagine if you thought like this all day every day. Do you think your overall happiness would change? It was a lightbulb moment for me when I started looking at everything I had and stopped looking at everything I didn’t have. It was around the same time I started believing in abundance and the practices go hand in hand. I believe everything I want in life will happen for me, and in turn, I became more grateful and appreciative for everything I already have. I vocalized my appreciation for my friends, and our relationships deepened. I showed appreciation for my body, and the self love deepened. Practicing gratitude daily may take some time to get used to but that’s ok! If you catch yourself complaining, stop and look at the situation with an attitude of gratitude–after practicing this you’ll find yourself thinking about situations with a positive outlook instead of seeing the worst outcome (or complaining). Switching your mindset to one of abundance and gratitude (instead of sacristy) is like a “miracle drug” for our lives!

Grateful for this view of the mountains in Tennessee. Appreciate the little things.

Fruit first

Ok, I love fruit so much! I love what it does for my body and love how it makes me feel. I have been eating a vegan and gluten free diet since 2011.In the beginning I was eating a more “standard” breakfast: oats with fruit, or maybe some cereal. I felt fine, my energy was fine, and my digestion was fine. Sometime in the first few years of college while I was deep into researching nutrition, I stumbled upon “fruit first”. It’s the science that fruit–when eaten alone and for your first meal–passes through our system rather quickly, releasing nutrients and hydration along the way. Because it doest require our bodies much work to digest, fruit flows right through (often aiding in elimination), while increasing energy. Well, after my research I was intrigued. I tried it, loved it, and never looked back.

A typical breakfast for me: one type of fruit, eaten alone, and a lot of it 🙂

Treat your body like a temple

The way I see it we only have this one life and one body. I want my body to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I make sure that I exercise in some way every day for my mind and physique; some days it’s a walk other days it’s a pilates flow. I want to be an active and limber old woman one day (!) and having an active lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Fueling your body with the right nutrition is a major part of this as well. Yes I indulge in not the healthiest foods from time to time when I truly want to, but I don’t make a habit eating unhealthily. My health is my priority; I live, breathe, sleep, socialize…do everything in my body! My body is my temple.

One of my favorite places ever, Sedona! This place is full of magic and the hikes are basically spiritual!

Let your inner child play

Be goofy! Dance! Laugh at yourself! Look at the world with the curiosity of a child and play within your own imagination. As we get into our adult lives things become more and more serious. As we get older we also become aware of how the world sees us or judges us. We start to think we should act or look a certain way. In doing this we end up losing our inner child. Don’t let adulting make you too serious! Now I understand certain times call for seriousness but when the moment allows…let your guard down as play like a kid. It could be dancing like a goof, doing cartwheels in your yard, imagining a far away world, or playing with makeup on your face. Practice looking at the world like a child would; you’ll see a beautiful world. Allow yourself to laugh, play, goof around, have fun! Chances are it will be a big release 🙂

Me as a kiddo, living my best life in my grandparents pool

Yes, and…

When I was a kid my mom did improv comedy training and learned that “yes, and ” is one of the most important rules of improv. ”Yes, and” is accepting what someone has said and expanding upon it. I’m pretty sure the day she learned this she came home and taught it to me, making sure it was drilled into my very being. I learned that using “yes, and” in a conversation tends to be more positive and keeps the conversation going. And that the opposite of “yes, and” is “no, but”. Saying “no, but” is borderline argumentative, negative, and shuts the other person down. AKA using “no, but” is not part of the art of conversation. Now in my adult life I see “yes, and” as not only a conversation style but also a lifestyle choice. “Yes, and” is accepting and expanding. Doesn’t that sound a lot like gratitude and abundance…? ✨

My mom and I 🙂

When in doubt go to the party

Again something my mom always told me! This isn’t just about going to parties you’re invited to, but realizing that you may regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did do.

Do your best

Because that’s the best you can do 🙂